Color : Nude Brown

Measurement Chart (in inch) :



29 40 24



31 41 25



32 42 26



1) Como Crepe

  • AMNI Signature made of como crepe for pants. This material is heavy  and flow sophisticated, as a result you looked thin apparently.
  • As como crepe is heavy material, it assemble friendly with AMNI skants. It provides you great comfy with a maximum touch of elegance for both casual or formal wear.
  • Como crepe material is non transparent and semi stretchable. It makes the skants loose and “Solat Ready”.
  • This material needs minimal ironing. You will save time and energy when wearing this skants.

2) Chiffon

  • Beautiful chiffon printed made for skirt makes you super cool and flattering.
  • This material is very comfortable to wear, wrinkled resistant and easy to take care of.
  • This chiffon printed is flow which can make you slimming and stylish.
  • This beautiful chiffon printed makes you looked great for summer and Asia weather which is humidity and warm.

3) Pocket with Zip

  • Zip pocket provided enable you to secure your things and prevent your valuables from going “walkies”. As a result, you do not need to worry about your things when going outside.
  • Gold zip apparently makes you feel rich and elegant.

4) Side Zip

  • This feature located hidden. It provides wide contour waist for you consequently can control your tummy especially after had meal.
  • It enable you to be more comfortable and looked differently from others.

5) High Waist

  • This design provide great comfy when you wear this pant. It also makes your leg looked longer and skinny. As a result, apparently you looked thin.
  • Women who have an hourglass, athletic, or boyish frame are highly recommended by body shape experts.
  • Women with a larger stomach would be beneficial for this specific style. Consequently, it embraces your shape and flaunt your distinct body style.